Ardanthor: Rise of the Warforged

Two years after Ardanthor was saved from the machinations of Malagoroth the Devourer, and his hapless puppet Galendin, the ramifications are still echoing throughout the cosmos.

Anika has taken on the task of eternally guarding against the planar drift, forging new permanent links between the planes and creating a hub from which these spokes can never be broken again : The City of Doors, come to be known as Sigil. With this responsibility comes another secret : the city is also containment for the void — the extrusion of Malagoroth in this reality, which must never be unleashed. Only a tiny few know of this burden, and the sacrifice the God of Time made to assure it. As Sigil grows, so too do those wishing to take advantage of it’s position.

Lyneth, now Lynara Sidhe Ethanduin, The Siren of the Silver Star, is embroiled in the fickle politics of the Court of Stars as she attempts to carve out a new Spring Court, while keeping Alairnil from slipping back into the melancholy and jealousy that cooled his heart to Winter.

In the Shadowfell, the Raven Queen has returned to her throne, the interruption of her power a minor inconvenience. Her Chosen One remains at her side, and her Raven Knights roam the land at her command.

But something else is new and different : a new race of creatures known as the Warforged.

The first of these, calling himself Maker, was the product of Grimnar’s artifice: an accident he soon replicated in The Smith. But that design was corrupted by Galendin to mass produce warforged for an army sent against the Raven Queen. Fueled by a forge powered by shadow-magma, and the souls of slaves, the Corrupted were immune to the Dark Lady’s power over death. Controlled by Galendin directly, through an enchanted silver necklace, they were set free when the necklace was destroyed in the Gates of Malagoroth.

As the planar drift settled back into equilibrium, the Warforged found themselves dispersed across Ardanthor and beyond, and faced with some difficult questions: Are we alive? Where do we fit into society? What happens now?

Ardanthor: Rise of the Warforged